Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Book Of Eli

DjTranz’s Directorial Review

The Book of Eli

Synopsis: A Lone man fights his way across America in order to protect a sacred book that holds the secrets to saving humankind.

·         Stunts were great.
·         Fight sequence well coordinated
·         Expert firing and shooting scenes.
·         Professional Blade handling.
·         Well controlled explosions.

·         Very Good angles
·         Non-shakey shots.
·         Good P.O.V shots.
·         Good Environment picturization.
·         Awesome camera technique (During Gattling Gun firing and gun-fights)
·         Great close-up to the eyes (When Danzel speaks out the words of bible in the end).
·         Must watch the camera movement, when Mila Kunis strangles the man in the car.
·         And when Mila Kunis throws the grenade towards the car.

·         Great town settings
·         Beautifull after-world environment.
·         Dusty Roads and Deserts.

Sound and Music:
·         The Music was touching when they’re shaving and cleaning up Danzel (in the end)
·         The background music was great; it follows the story strongly.
·         The sound effects and music matches the entire story.
·         “Just can enjoy the movie, even with our eyes closed” ~ Pesonal Opinion (DjTranz)
·         When Gary Oldman shoot’s Danzel in the Desert area, The sound tech was awesome.

Story and Storyline:
·         Story was strong by nature
·         Great storyline and story-telling.
·         Beautiful narration when required.
·         Well mannered story telling.
·         Beautiful Climax
·         Beautiful ending.
·         It was great inner feeling, unexplainable when get know “Eli was Blind” by storyline.

Script and Writing:
·         Speechless and uncomment-able.
·         Poetic, just like from the bible.
·         “ It’s not just a book”
·         “He who holds it can control all”
·         Beautiful lines.
·         “ask him, you shall receive” (it was behind television)

·         When Danzel starts walking after getting shot.
·         When in the end we realize that Danzel was blind all along.
·         Final scenes of Gary Oldman trying to open the bible and Danzel start talking about it.

·         Have to give credits to costume designers.
·         A job well done.

·         When they’re (Danzel&Mila) driving and getting closer to ocean scene; the mountains scene just reminds me personally similar scene from ‘Lord of the Rings’ (Mountains of Horse lord – Rohan), and also a final scene from Will Smith’s ‘I Am Legend’. ~ Pesonal Opinion( DjTranz)

·         ‘Eli’ by Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. – Great and he was born to do this; Superb acting. His objective.
·         Carnegie’ by Gary Leonard Oldman – Great as well. Born to do this role; his trust for books and knowledge.

And success goes to all especially,
·         Directors Hughes brothers and the team.
·         Denzel.
·         Gary Oldman.
·         Music.

Poetic Ending; Great Movie; I personally give ‘A+’ and 9/10.

~ DjTranz Prabu

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